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For Prospective Mentors and Mentees.

Information for Mentors

Thank you for volunteering to mentor a candidate, we look forward to receiving your registration form shortly and will match you to a mentee as soon as possible. The bulk of our matches are mostly done between November and January, and you should be told of your mentee by the end of January. We also conduct some matches at other times of the year depending on requests for new mentors.

While completing this application, please give as much or as little information as you are comfortable with and we will contact you if we need any clarification. If there is any information you don't have to hand, please just fill 'NA' into the first line of boxes and go to the next page. For example, we do not need your university modules listed so you can skip this section.

Please email with any questions.

Information for Mentees

Please answer all the questions and provide as much information as possible to help us find you a suitable mentor.

Please email with any questions.